...for the table, we imagine objects that respect your rituals, that show your care for your friends; familiar, everyday icons...

Nude Layers
Nude Foresta
Lipton Tea
Alessi Vague
Alessi Nest
Gaia & Gino Liquids Collection
Mitterteich 1400, Onda Collection
Mitterteich 1400, Tea & Coffee Collection
Mitterteich 1400, Plano Collection
Mitterteich 1400, Ala Collection
Egizia Vases
Swarovski Cut
Swissotel Tableware
Verreum Aurora
Serafino Zani Elisabeth
Alessi Notte
Sisecam Olive Oil Bottle
3M ScotchBrite
Philips New Tools
WMF Measure Cup
Bodum Electric Appliances
Lokumluk Candy Stand
Barbaric Cut Tableware
Guzzini Tableware
Nestle Keyf-I Tahil
Avsar Branding
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